Day 2: AL, Joyful & Charismatic

by Apr 2, 2020

I had a dream about this person last night. We’ll call her AL I’ve probably known her since I was five, perhaps younger. And despite growing up and living very different lives, I feel as if she is one of the defining characters of my childhood and is responsible for some of the better qualities that I can claim about myself today.

This friend has always been charismatic, energetic, and up for adventure. Up until they day we first voted, we were still tromping around the woods together exploring. People were not always kind to her, including my tweenage self, and yet, she never let it slow her down, nor did she hold it against people. Now that’s character. She is bright, creative, and caring. Her kitchen always had strawberry quik, which she would graciously share. We share a love for reptiles, and she taught me to respect sharks as creatures not looking for trouble. Without her appreciation for adventure and new experiences that so fueled our childhood, I wonder if I would have explored the world as much as I have. Her children are lucky littles, and she deserves all the happiness this world has to offer.


Day 2/30