Happy Valentine’s Day!

Glacier National Park, Montana

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Glacier National Park, Montana

Will you be my Valentine?

Greetings friends and family! I figured, even if you already have your Valentine, it was about time for another yearleigh update, as much has happened. I will try to make it bright and brief – which means I apologize in advance for missing special moments of which so many of you are a part.


St. John, Virgin Islands

I ended 2016 in St. John with my family, feeling fortunate we were able to enjoy the beautiful island before hurricane Irma’s arrival. While I do not recommend playing Cards Against Humanity with your family, I highly recommend a visit to St. John!


Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Over the next few months I worked at the Indiana University Food Institute. I had the fortune of taking a snowshoe trip to a 10th Mountain Division hut in the Rockies, and spending a weekend at Le Conte Lodge in the the Smokies. Winding up spring, my friend Beth and I celebrated our birthdays like true adults with a three-piece bouncy obstacle course and a roast hog. Yes, I was still working on my dissertation…


Yosemite National Park, California

Leading into summer, I got to see my family again for a trip to Yosemite. In June, Maddie and I headed off to L.A. for a busy week of presentations at our annual food(ie)-filled conference. In July I headed back to Colorado for a canoe trip with my friend Adrianne.

Yes, I was still writing, I swear…


Yellowwood State Forest, Indiana

In August I took another turn at warping young minds at the University while teaching a class called Public Oral Communication. I also got my first cyclocross bike and entered several races, coming in 4th place on my final race of the season. In November, I had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving while puppy-sitting at my advisor’s house in the beautiful Indiana forest.

But was I writing you ask?

After successfully defending in September, I revised and submitted my dissertation and graduated with my Ph.D. in December! Then, I fulfilled a promise and took off with a one-way ticket to Belize – not before taking a last trip to the Rockies, however.

In sum, my dear friends and family, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support over these past years. The love I have for you cannot be contained in this web-Valentine, nor in my dissertation, nor in a lifetime of “Candy Thanksgivings”. But should you need a (Food) Doctor in your life, or just some tasty treats, I’m here for you.