I hesitate to call this person, whom I will call CB, a homemaker, but the more I think about it, the more impressive the word becomes. CB is the type of person that can pretty much make anything happen, but the place I find this most inspiring is in the home. She is headstrong and directed, but kind and empathetic. She uses her time to make the things, spaces, and people around her comfortable and at ease. Yet she is no martyr, she finds joy and purpose in doing the things we so often ignore about our surroundings, the things that we might think of as mundane, but ultimately, once improved, make daily life more pleasant and us better people on account of that subtle joy.

I met CB as an adult, and she has shown me what it means to learn something from scratch fearlessly, and to keep plugging away at it until I am a master. That said, she has never sought to master something, only to know and then know more, and with that attitude she becomes the most open-hearted master who I imagine forgets the work she has put in along the way. While she is patient with others, she also knows when things can be done better and will gracefully take on such tasks to the benefit of all. I have no idea how she finds the time to do it all – work, family, hobbies – because, though she doesn’t make her work seem effortless, she always keeps a sort of breezy priority about her. When things need to be dropped, she puts them aside for later, focusing on the needs at hand. When things are frustrating she says so and then moves on. After all that, she still shows gratitude for the messiest of her family and friends, which I, most of all, appreciate. Thanks CB.


Day 6/30