Day 1: JB, Thoughtful & Kind

by Mar 31, 2020

I’ve used these first initials because this friend has some markings of the  Jeremy Bentham, the quirky philosopher whose “fundamental axiom” was “it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong.”

This friend of mine is a recent one, and only brought into my life by serendipity i.e. his amazing partner. He is the sort of many who is always unfailingly himself. Though he can take or leave a party, when he comes, he is someone’s favorite new guest. He has an air of mystery and yet is willing to answer, thoughtfully, any question put before him. He also asks equally interesting questions. It’s not often that you find someone whom you know so little and is willing to think about you personally and deeply upon acquainting. And that’s the sort of person I love to spend an evening with. Moreover, JB is balanced by a light-hearted goofiness that makes even his serious conversations breezy. His hobbies and interests are wide spanning, almost infinite, but he can also do a project start to finish in ways that I wish I could. Wouldn’t you just be inspired by a friend like that?


Day 1/30