Oh hey. I just got a major surgery, and I decided since it’s bringing up a lot of crap, I might as well write about it – especially since the narcotics make my social media game rather abysmal. So where to begin? Well, last week a very handsome man (with a not-so-handsome wedding ring) cut open my leg, sawed into my tibia, moved it over a scosh and screwed it back in. Then he fit a piece of donor cartilage into the area of my damaged cartilage and drilled holes into it in the hopes that the two will fuse together and build some new cartilage in the damaged area.

Here’s a look at the surgery, even the animation can make you a little queasy, so you’ve been informed:

and here’s the cartilage graft (not mine), which is revolting:

So that’s where we’re starting. Maybe I’ll look backwards and forwards. But in general, this has made for major changes in the life of “Leigh the Carefree.” I’m dealing with my own identity as an adventurer, my insecurities about getting older, my status as a single person, the fucked up-edness of our healthcare system, the abilist-design of pretty much any office space anywhere (that said, open offices may have the old-school beat). So maybe I’ll hack away at it piecemeal. Feel free to join, or you’r just a tab close away from some other distraction!